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    The Power of Yes

    Like many others, I’ve been watching the antics of the US government this week with a level of disbelief.  It had been threatened for a long time, but were they actually going to shut down their government?  And what exactly did that mean?  I watched on the news the reports of the things that matter […]

  • Telling Tales

    As part of the recent Victorian Small Business Festival, I listened in on a webinar about story telling presented by Valerie Khoo. Whilst story telling is as old as language, Valerie asserts that it’s an art form that is rapidly falling by the wayside in this day of data, spreadsheets, graphs and the like. When […]

  • Are you a multitasking maestro?

    After what I will politely call a winter break, last weekend I headed back to the pool for some quality lap time. Yes it’s good for the exercise, makes me feel better, provides amusement for those that get to see my goggle marks afterwards, etc, but I must admit that there’s also an element to […]