About us

  • Social Business Consulting is a collaboration of professionals who are all passionate about what we do and about using our expertise to help Not For Profits and Small Businesses.  We love sharing our knowledge in a way that creates value for others. 

  • Michelle with a client

The idea for Social Business Consulting came about a few years ago when some of our team were working together for a charity. We frequently found ourselves wishing that we had a tried and tested quality system or manual or toolkit to hand for common situations that we faced. And we found that there were always so many new regulations and pieces of useful best practice research to keep on top of – but this was difficult to do in the face of all of our day to day responsibilities.

As established thought leaders and change agents in our respective fields, we were already being sought after for advice and to share our experiences. We loved helping people in this way and thought that we would set up an organisation dedicated to doing just that.  And that’s how Social Business Consulting came about!

We understand that not everyone gets a kick out of sorting out a small business cash flow problem, writing job descriptions for an entire team or designing a whizz bang risk register.  But we do!  We each have over 20 years experience, post graduate qualifications and professional memberships in our disciplines.    And we want to use all our knowledge to help make things more efficient and effective for you!

At Social Business Consulting, we take our external perspective to provide strategic advice to your organisation, and we’re also comfortable getting into the detail to help you solve problems.  From our many years of working in roles like yours, we have an understanding of what is important for you.  We take the time to listen to your needs, to provide you with a customised solution.  We craft our reports in a clear and concise manner, so that they don’t start gathering dust as soon as they’re completed.  We keep on top of the latest research and trends, and keep you across key developments without overwhelming you.  We communicate regularly and transparently during our engagement, and work with you to ensure your project is well received.  We are sensitive to your budget needs and pride ourselves on delivering our work on time (or even early!).

Contact us today to discuss how we can work with you to create more impact in your business.

Our clients

At Social Business Consulting we enjoy working with a diverse group of clients.  Visit some of their websites below to find out what they do, and please consider our Not For Profit clients if you wish to make a donation that makes a difference.